Hinged Doors & Windows

We offer a comprehensive selection of Hinged systems that cater to various projects and building types, encompassing residential, commercial, traditional, and contemporary applications. Our range includes different types of Side-hinged or Tilt & Turn doors and windows, all engineered to deliver supreme performance. Regardless of the specific requirements, our Hinged systems provide reliable and high-quality solutions for any construction project.

Samba 40


SAMBA 40 is Machines & Aluminium Center (م. شريف علي حسن) Hinged economic system with extremely elegant lines. It meets the modern architectural trends and the requirements for especially high performances and is the ideal solution for areas with warmer climates.


  • Allows the fabrication, production, and easy assembly of windows and doors in less time.
  • Offers an extensive range of profiles for the construction of elegant and moderately priced aluminium frames in functional style
  • The system is available in inward and outward opening windows and doors.
  • The same profile can be used as a frame or sash (optional)
  • Ideal solution for small to medium openings for economic residential buildings.

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