Hinged Doors & Windows

We offer a comprehensive selection of Hinged systems that cater to various projects and building types, encompassing residential, commercial, traditional, and contemporary applications. Our range includes different types of Side-hinged or Tilt & Turn doors and windows, all engineered to deliver supreme performance. Regardless of the specific requirements, our Hinged systems provide reliable and high-quality solutions for any construction project.

Sonata 45


SONATA 45 is Machines & Aluminium Center (م. شريف علي حسن) Hinged system with extremely elegant lines. It meets the modern architectural trends and the requirements for especially high performances and is the ideal solution for areas with warmer climates.


  • Wide Variety of frames and sashes in design and aesthetic shapes that match the architecture trends
  • Available in Double or Triple track design, structures with up to six leaves
  • Used for Doors and Windows with large openings
  • Wide range of locking systems including multi-locking points and anti-lift blocks
  • Most of the accessories can be adjusted and fixed with set screws


FRAME DEPTH 45mm to 154mm
SASH WIDTH 46mm to 52mm
SASH WEIGHT up to 160kg
SEALING METHOD EPDM gasket with central seal


AIR PERMEABILITY Class 4 up to 600 Pa
WATER TIGHTNESS Class E900 up to 900 Pa
WIND LOAD RESISTANCE Class C4 up to 1600 Pa

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