Curtain Walls

ALMANAR presents a diverse range of Curtain Walling Systems that cater to various applications. These systems offer specifiers the flexibility to customize the building envelope's aesthetics while benefiting from the seamless integration of an all-in-one aluminum system. This ensures that both design and construction aspects are harmoniously incorporated, delivering a unified and efficient solution.

GULFEX Curtain Wall 50mm


CW 50 is a unique curtain wall structure that combines multi-structural grid to create various aspects, starting by the conventional curtain wall system passing through the two way horizontal capping curtain wall systems to the four way structural curtain wall systems. CW 50 has proven to be a curtain wall solution perfectly tailored to the Middle East market requirement.


  • Features Glass - 6mm to 32mm
  • Alloys - 6063 / 6060/ 6061 / 6082
  • The System consists of a 50mm width
  • The System can provide the possibility of large glass panels.
  • The System can be used for Two way, Four-way & Conventional.
  • Casements are Italian Openings.
  • EPDM Gasket
  • Finishes: Powder Coates, Anodizing According to Shades available in Gulf Extrusions