Insect-Screens and Blinds

Allow your home to enjoy a breath of fresh air with our collection of meticulously designed insect screens. These screens are crafted with utmost precision to ensure that your home remains both fresh and safe. Experience the perfect balance of ventilation and protection, as our insect screens keep pesky insects out while maintaining a refreshing atmosphere within your living spaces.

MeshWorkz - Motorized Screens


Mesh Workz Motorized Screens
Open and close your screens without any manual effort. Let the remote control do the work


  • Remote-Controlled, with an easy-to-use remote control, you can open and close the screens as you like them. Powered by: Somfy (France)
  • Clear Vision & Fresh-Air - Select from a range of fabrics that provide high visibility plus fresh air. Fabrics by: Serge Ferrari (France)
  • Always Stays Firm with a zip guiding profile on both sides, the screen remains tight and never gets loose.
  • Sun/Heat Protection: No More Sweat. Our fabrics cut down the high temperature on the outside so that you are comfortable inside
  • Sound Insulation: Cut down the noise. Our zip tech system and fabric help cut down the noise on the outside, creating a peaceful environment on the inside

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