Insect-Screens and Blinds

Allow your home to enjoy a breath of fresh air with our collection of meticulously designed insect screens. These screens are crafted with utmost precision to ensure that your home remains both fresh and safe. Experience the perfect balance of ventilation and protection, as our insect screens keep pesky insects out while maintaining a refreshing atmosphere within your living spaces.

Meshworkz - PVL Series


MeshWorkz - PVL Series (PVL22, PVL29, and PVL39) Fully Collapsible Zig-zag Pleated Screens that are soft to touch and really easy to operate, made from fine quality mesh that will mosquito insect-proof your home for years.


  • MeshWorkz' PVL Series is the smoothest system available today that's designed specifically for large windows and doors
  • Stops mosquitos and other insects from entering
  • Designed for Vertical & Horizontal Formats
  • Magnetic Locking system
  • Compact Mesh Technology, which enables PVL Screens to collapse from 9meters to 2 inches, saving a lot of space
  • Large Dimensions go as wide as 9 meters and 4 meters in height
  • Double Coated Soft screens which can withstand strong-wind pressure without losing shape.
  • High Tensile strength wires which is 5 times stronger than common wires and don't break easily
  • One-finger operation, due to side stability rollers which helps you operate the screen from any height with one finger
  • 5 Year Replacement Warranty
  • 50+ Color and Finish options Available
  • Child-Safe Mesh

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